What are we looking for?

Our strategy is to invest in companies with potential that will become leaders in an attractive high growth market.

We look for high impact value propositions and globally scalable and sustainable ideas.

We invest in companies from an early stage upwards, although we usually look for at least some evidence of customer uptake as proof of the product and market fit.

Are we focused on a particular market?

We are not only focused on technology startups but open to many industry, though especially interested in green techs.

We dont invest in biotechs, local service oriented business, consultancies or fossil fuel related businesses.

Is there an age limit to join DARUAN?

No, we believe people are the key to building sustainable businesses so we seek people with knowledge and experience in their industry.

You can be a young inexperienced highly-motivated person with a new idea or an experienced professional who wants to make a change in his field of expertise, either option fits perfectly in DARUAN VC.

How is DARUAN VC different from other investors?

DARUAN VC is an open-minded way of investing. We offer money, space, flexibility, support and accessibility.

  • We are not focused only in techs.
  • With DARUAN VC´s available space, we offer not only money but also a great place to start and support if you decide to join us.
  • We have experience in very different industries.
  • Being a sole shareholder makes us flexible and accessible.

What are the advantages of moving to DARUAN VC headquarters?

Joining us at our offices in Madrid connects you in an affordable way with not only our team of experts, but also with the rest of people working for our companies based in-house. You will not only take advantage of all the accommodations listed below, but will also find support and advice in all basic business resources such as financiale, legal, marketing, HHRR, IT, PR and a long etc.

List of accommodations:

  • Several meeting rooms.
  • Nice and comfortable workspace.
  • Natural light.
  • Super fast free of charge communications.
  • Complimentary coffee, drinks & snacks.
  • Outdoors space in our eco-garden.
  • 200 Mtrs away from train station, 2 stops to Madrid centre.
  • Parking space.

How much do we invest?

We are very flexible, but the investments are typically in the range between 25.000€ to 200.000€. We usually invest in phases and along with other investors.