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How we are different 

  • We are not focused only on techs, our team is diverse and so is our interest in business.
  • We can help entrepreneurs by providing financial support, advice, and all kinds of business resources from Marketing to HHRR, IT, PR and Accounting, plus a great place to work if you choose to join us in Madrid.
  • We are flexible and accessible; we work with companies in very different industries and assist them from an early stage upwards.
  • The existence of a sole shareholder enables DARUAN VC to approach all investments with great flexibility not being influenced by issues such us fund deadlines, exit strategies or fund raising processes. 

Where we invest

 We invest both in traditional and technology startups as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Sustainability and respect for the environment. We do not consider any business plan or any company without this commitment clearly stated in their DNA.
  • Ability to transform their existing industries and become leaders in a particular niche.
  • Aim to create future jobs. We have created hundreds of jobs through our ventures and would love to create many more especially now that it is needed more than ever.
  • All the projects we create or in which we invest should have global orientation from the very first moment and the ability to develop internationally.